That Is How I Left is the most important and moving play I have ever seen. It confronts the darkest, most unspeakable aspects of a broken family and helps to explain how the unexplainable could happen.  It wrenchingly approaches the terror of sexual abuse but offers a path to an even higher life for its innocent victims, as well as an understanding of how it can exist for those who have not been personally victimized……Every time this play is performed, it will change and save lives.

~Gary Bowers,

 The Onion, General Manager, New York Print Edition



We were so blown away by the amazing, heart wrenching story. It was beautifully orchestrated and the fact that both mother & daughter acted in it seemed surreal. I don’t think there are any words to describe the way this story unfolds from despair into inspiration. You have touched us and will touch so many other people. We just can’t stop talking about the play!

~June Fagan and Tracy Mignone,

Principals of Kindred Spirits, Holistic Center

From the Audience

How powerfully you have written this play, and how powerfully you performed it!
Everyone was frozen.
I don’t know when I started losing my breath –
I felt sometimes that you were looking right at me – it was so moving!!!
~Susan Smith


From the opening moment, That Is How I Left grabs you by your emotional core, shakes it, breaks it, and never lets go until you emerge into the most perfect love, healing and understanding. 
 ~Kathleen Flynn


I went to see That Is How I Left at The Living Theater and it was truly powerful, heartfelt and extremely wrenching with brave and powerful performances. So be sure to go if you can!
~Jane Cross

That is How I Left is a riveting, emotional story of one family’s destruction – and how the survivors are left to pick up the pieces and learn to move forward.  The actors are excellent and believable and somehow, as this story of incomprehensible evil is told, what emerges is inspirational love. It is an important story to tell. It gives insight into how abuse can happen within a family and maybe, how it can be stopped.
~Lisa Rappoport